Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tracking - Oodles of fun!

I have spent the first two years of my time as an SLP trying to find the perfect tracking solution only to find out that there ISN'T one!  However, there are some helpful tools to tracking:

A paper copy sheet - good for at-a-glance accuracy/progress monitoring.  It's also very helpful to have these if a teacher or parent approaches you about a student's progress.  This is the one I'll be trying this semester:

Click Here to View Tracking Sheet

App Time -Another great thing I've started using this year has been the Super Duper Data Tracker.  This video shares a little bit about how to run the app.  It's currently $5.99 for iPhone and $1.99 for Android users.  I have loaded ALL of my students into this app, along with their IEP goals.  It works great in sessions and my students do not pay attention to me tracking with this method as much as they did when I used paper.  It also allows you to e-mail the results, graphs, etc. to any e-mail account straight from your device!  It can also be used on the iPad (as shown in the video)!  I'm not usually a person to purchase an app but I use this one in nearly every session and love it!  Watch the video below:

RtI Tracking - I have a lot of classic "Artic" students that I see through Response to Intervention.  As the requirements for data collection is a bit different for these students, I created a different RtI Tracking Form just for them.  This allows me to see when they may be ready to move back down to Tier 2, provide updates to teachers and parents, and more.

I hope these 3 techniques give you a starting point for tracking data.  It's a CRAZY process...

Please leave ANY tracking suggestions, links, comments, etc. below!


  1. I would love to watch the video on the Super Duper Data Tracker but all it shows is a white square. Also, I love your DIY activities.

    1. Weird, it's working on my end. Maybe visit their site to watch instead. Thanks for the DIY compliment!