Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random, but Sublime, Websites for Speechies!

I wanted a spot to compile great websites for use on computers, iPads, etc.  I can't always pin these to Pinterest if they don't have a large picture so I'm adding them here so that I can share it on Pinterest and with you!

This list will continually grow so please check back!  Please add your favorites in the comment section below to share with others:

Auditory Bombardment Site with Files for listening!
The Quiet Machine (Between the Lions PBS)
Fun Brain - Reading Brain  (I love using the MadLibs for artic and to teach grammar)
Game Goo (I love using Squanky the Tooth taker for Antonyms and Synonyms)
Kiz Club  (user suggested)
Speaking of Speech (of course... so much here!)
 Vocabulary Games (PBS Kids)
Learning games for kids (Worth exploring for language, etc.)
PBS Kids Word Girl (Good for a change in language/vocab lessons)
Net Connections for CSD (Various resources, links, etc. for therapy)

***List in Progress, check back soon for more!***


  1. Thanks for the great resources! I love your site!

    Check out:
    It is a great site for SLP's work with younger students K-2. They have a lot of suggested story books with printables that go a long with each book, so you can use them for visuals (ex. if you are having students sequence the events of the story) or have the students color them on their own for reinforcement.

  2. The Game Goo website is very cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. You can find some ideas here,
    ... I hope. Regards.