Thursday, April 19, 2012


I just found a great resource for curricular vocabulary goals.  It looks like it's currently in a beta version (the testing version before it is finalized and launched) but is user-friendly and is looking to be something I will use with my language kiddos!

Word Dynamo is a website from!  It allows you to pick grade levels, standardized tests, academic subjects, and different languages with word games including matching, listen and pick the answer, and flashcard studying.  There are other great games that are worth exploring.  You can also do the "Word Dynamo Challenge" (seen above in the photo) which allows you to pick your grade (Elementary/Middle/High/Beyond High) and then identify the definition of given words and it "estimates" the number of words you know.  This can be fun for students and may give you an interesting look into their vocabulary skills (without photo cues).

Overall this looks like a useful and interesting site that can be utilized for curricular vocabulary goals.  I'll check for iPad compatibility ASAP and edit this with the answer - unless somebody beats me to it!

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  1. Just tried it out on my iPad (First Generation). It worked great! My only complaint is that it keeps your last selection highlighted on the next questions. So if your answer for question one was the first choice, on question two the first choice is a darker gray than the rest of the choices.

    I did notice that you can create your own word lists as well. That could be great to target specific vocabulary for kids on IEPs! You can make those lists private or public. Overall, very cool!

    1. Thanks for the update on its uses! So great to see that it's as versatile as I first thought! We just finished up state assessments so I'm FINALLY seeing kiddos again and will be able to explore this new site more... Thanks Alea!