Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY of the Week: Silly Speech Sound Sticks

It's standardized testing time in Missouri which means that my mornings are consumed with testing and my weeks packed with sessions and meetings.  So, new materials have been on the back burner.  I did think of one material and have started making the /r/ version of it first and will move to other sounds as I can.  But, I didn't want to delay sharing it with you until completion so here are the basics of Silly Speech Sound Sticks:

What you will need:
40 sticks for each artic sound - for carrier phrases.
30 sticks for each position of a sound - 10 nouns, 10 adjectives, 10 verbs for each position of each sound.
Paint/Markers for color-coordinating

 What to do:
Take your 40 sticks and write carrier phrases on them (list of these will be provided below as they are completed).  Use your marker/paint to identify what type of word will fill in the blank.  I used red for nouns, green for adjectives and pink for verbs.  (You will use the same color to identify the word sticks)  Then write words on the front and back of 10 sticks per part of speech per sound position (e.g. 10 sticks with initial /r/ nouns on each side - total of 20 initial /r/ nouns).

How to Play:
Students can play individually (I do this during Speech Stations Day) or with partners/group.  The student draws a carrier phrase and identifies which type of word stick they will need.  They then draw a word stick and match it to the carrier phrase.  Then they say the sentence the number of times you would like.  My students like to nominate the "most realistic" and the "craziest of all" sentences.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions, extensions, or questions!  ENJOY!!!

(Links will appear as I am able to complete and upload them)
Carrier Phrases:



  1. Love it!!! Such a great idea! Can't wait to make it for kids :)

  2. Wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am going to make it this weekend! Very excited! Thank you for all of these cool ideas! My students thank you!
    Btw, I'd love an /l/, /s-blend/ or /l-blend/ set when you get finished!

  4. Great idea! Would also love s blends and th!! Thanks for sharing all your awesome ideas. Love this blog!