Thursday, April 12, 2012

Batter Up!

It's baseball season and here in Kansas City, we have the All-Star game to host this year.  So, in the spirit of another "promising" season of baseball throughout the country, I made up an all-purpose  All-Star baseball game for use as a reinforcement activity in the classroom, speech room, and at home!  You could use it as a file-folder game (cover included) or you can even upload it to your iPad and play!  Enjoy!
To Play:
Start at the Season Opener and move clockwise around the board.  If you land by EXACT roll next to a "Make the Playoffs" space, you may move to that space.  Otherwise, you must continue moving around the board.
When you are at the "Make the Playoffs" space, you then move counterclockwise around the inner board.  If you land by EXACT roll on the "Win World Series!" space, you win the game.  Otherwise, you must continue around the inner board.

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