Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Listening Ladybugs: Following Directions Activity

Following single- and multiple-step directions is an integral part of success in the classroom for children.  Those with language disorders often have increased difficulty in following simple and complex directions heard or read.  Many times, we see students simply watching the actions of the students around them in order to keep up with the pacing of a typical classroom.  So, it's not surprising that many of my language students work to follow increasingly more difficult directions as part of their therapy with me.  However, it can get pretty monotonous so I have spiced it up a bit this month with "Listening Ladybugs" game.

 One set of cards contains simple directions with up to 3-steps.  You can customize by reading only the first and second directions to address 1- and 2-step directions.  The jar cards add a bit of surprise when they tip and cause lady-bugs to spill out, when you get to take an extra turn, and when a group mate's jar spills and you manage to capture one of their ladybugs!
 The other set of cards contains complex directions with up to 3-steps.  You can also customize by reading only the first and second directions to address 1- and 2-step directions.  The jar cards are in this deck as well!
 Usually I play with only one deck, either simple or complex.  However, I have one group in which one student is working on complex and the other simple.  For this group I simply had both decks out (separated) and drew from the appropriate deck for each student on their turn.  It's pretty easy to sort them back when you are finished.
I've used this in 3 groups so far and it has been a nice change.  The students seem to enjoy it as they usually do with simple card games like this.

As part of my Sublime September giveaways, I'm offering this download as a bonus freebie for the remainder of September here for my blog followers.  After that time, or if you could spare a few dollars to purchase it instead, it can be found on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Let me know how it works for you!


  1. Awesome! Thanks!

  2. Great game! I have a ladybug board game already, and these cards would be an easy way to target different goals while utilizing the board...or as a stand alone game. ;)

    Talking With Rebecca

  3. Great! I'm going to print the different levels on different colored card stock for easy recognition :-)

  4. This is adorable! Thanks so much!

  5. I'm making these for my daughter in law who is a speech therapist. Can I ask what the blank cards are for? should I laminate them or do you add your tasks on these cards?