Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Storytelling with Rory's Story Cubes

Many of you commented that you are looking for storytelling activities/materials.  One of my best purchases in the past year has been Rory's Story Cubes and Rory's Story Cubes Actions!  They are each under $8 (Amazon, Target, etc.) - or both for under $14 here - and worth every cent!  While more advanced students can follow the instructions/game ideas included in the story cubes, many of our students need a lot of help with storytelling.  

Here is one way that I begin introducing storytelling techniques:
 As you can see, I use a template with spaces for each die and a sentence or two after it.  (I laminate to save paper and time)  I either allow them to roll all of the dice at a time and arrange them before writing out their story or I will have them take turns rolling one die at a time and adding it appropriately to the story.  The one in this photo was done by my 2nd grade group and I this week.  I allowed them to roll all of the dice and they were allowed 1 die change which they chose to use to get the alien at the end!  They title the story, add the introductory setting line and then begin.  After the story is completed with all 9 dice, they write a conclusion line which ends with "The End".  This works very well with the classic dice but the action dice could be used as well!

 Another great way to use the action dice is to practice verb tenses!  Very much like the classic, I have them roll dice, place them in the box, and write out the story.  Here's the trick... you have them write it as a present tense story and then go back and change it to past tense!  You could do this from past to present as well.  I also have a Past/Present/Future template but I haven't gotten to that one yet.

You could also mix the dice and have them put one classic die with an action die for each line.  This gets very tricky and requires a lot of creativity.  But it's a nice challenge for the upper elementary/middle school kids.

As they become familiar with all of the aspects of storytelling, they will not need the template as much/at all.  Pick up the template here, grab some Story Cubes, and have a blast telling stories!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fantastic Football!

(Because it's football season, I wanted to re-post this activity for you from May, ENJOY!)

I'm a sports girl.  Give me a field and a ball and I'll play!  So, I love to integrate sports into my sessions.  (It helps that the majority of my caseload is boys though most of my girls enjoy the activities too)  The NFL draft was just a few weeks ago and then this weekend as I was perusing the dollar spot at my favorite store with a bulls-eye logo I found a great little item that I've  turned into a football game.  So, if you're interested, go pick it up for $2.50 while it's in stock! If you can't find it or don't want to spend $2.50 for this sturdy (chalk)board, there is a paper copy on the cards document for you!

This reinforcer game is simple.  You start on the 20 Yard-Line and then begin drawing cards.  The cards are passes, runs, and fouls for positive yardage as well as turnovers and fouls for negative consequences.  The object is to get your pawn to the 0 yard line (TOUCHDOWN!) and score.  Each time you do this, you may credit yourself/your team with 7 points and/or take a brown football "Touchdown Chip" provided in the document.  The team/person with the most points/chips at the end of the game is declared the victor!  

As usual, there are two links provided.  One, of course, is the free document.  However, as taking time to create and post materials adds up, I've begun uploading some documents to "Teachers Pay Teachers".  If you are willing to "purchase" that version instead of the freebie, I would greatly appreciate it.  If not, the freebie is available to you as well.  Either way, thanks for coming to visit Sublime Speech!

Do you see other ways to use this material and/or the board?  Please share with us!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Welcome Back!

It's been a while... I know and I apologize.  On top of being an SLP I also coach competitive fastpitch softball and it completely takes over my summer months.  Now it's back to school and a little over a week in and I'm finally getting my blogging brain back.

My first creation for the year is one that I use almost daily with my RtI artic. kiddos.  I see them for 4-5 minutes 4 times per week in the hallways outside of their classrooms.  I needed something portable, fun, and flexible for students at the word/phrase/sentence levels.  So, I created an Artic. UNO game.  It's available here with /r/ and /s/ as well as a template for other sounds (until I'm able to create them myself).

And now for the Welcome Back portion of today's post... I'm giving away a few copies of this game to some of my favorite followers...

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