Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Listening Ladybugs: Following Directions Activity

Following single- and multiple-step directions is an integral part of success in the classroom for children.  Those with language disorders often have increased difficulty in following simple and complex directions heard or read.  Many times, we see students simply watching the actions of the students around them in order to keep up with the pacing of a typical classroom.  So, it's not surprising that many of my language students work to follow increasingly more difficult directions as part of their therapy with me.  However, it can get pretty monotonous so I have spiced it up a bit this month with "Listening Ladybugs" game.

 One set of cards contains simple directions with up to 3-steps.  You can customize by reading only the first and second directions to address 1- and 2-step directions.  The jar cards add a bit of surprise when they tip and cause lady-bugs to spill out, when you get to take an extra turn, and when a group mate's jar spills and you manage to capture one of their ladybugs!
 The other set of cards contains complex directions with up to 3-steps.  You can also customize by reading only the first and second directions to address 1- and 2-step directions.  The jar cards are in this deck as well!
 Usually I play with only one deck, either simple or complex.  However, I have one group in which one student is working on complex and the other simple.  For this group I simply had both decks out (separated) and drew from the appropriate deck for each student on their turn.  It's pretty easy to sort them back when you are finished.
I've used this in 3 groups so far and it has been a nice change.  The students seem to enjoy it as they usually do with simple card games like this.

As part of my Sublime September giveaways, I'm offering this download as a bonus freebie for the remainder of September here for my blog followers.  After that time, or if you could spare a few dollars to purchase it instead, it can be found on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Let me know how it works for you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Newly-Mobile Artic-Targeting SLP

RtI, Response to Intervention, Interventiony-what-not, or whatever term you use... it's here and it's ready to go!  Last year it took me by surprise after coming from the Early Childhood setting.  What is this acronym, what does it mean, and what do I do with it?!?  3 letters striking panic in the hearts of SLPs across the nation, and maybe even the world!

Now, this is not an article about RtI... though, I would love ANY feedback on how you tackle this monster.  I'm still finding my "way" with it.   (My preferred method is to see all of my RtI students on an individual basis for 5-7 minutes, 4 days a week!  So far the progress has been worth it!)  This is an article about how I took RtI out of my secluded office and into the hallways and classrooms of my school.  It's about how I'm now out and about, and how I see these students, and even teachers for collaboration, in our hallways without toting gobs of materials with me, and how you can too!

*****Warning, this is a slightly techie article utilizing iPad/iPhone/iTouch/etc.*****

Tired of carrying multiple decks?  Try taking photos of a deck of cards (like the ones from Super Duper that are pictured here) with your iPhone/iPad/other device.

Then open your "Photos" app.  Click on "Albums":

Then click "Edit" on the right side of the screen.  The current albums you have will now look like this:

Then Click "New Album" and a new album will pop up.  Name it - Seen here, the creation of an /s/ blends deck:

When you click "Save" you will automatically be taken to your "Photos" where you can select all of the photos for your new album.  You can always add to, delete, and re-arrange photos later.  Here I have selected all of my /s/ blends photos:

Click "Done" to copy the photos to your new "album".  You will then be shown your new album:

If you click "Albums" at the top right, you will be taken back to your albums.  The deck will now be shown, in alphabetical order, with your other decks.  This is great to have ALL of your decks in one spot!  You can do this for ANY deck you have... language, artic, etc!

Articulation Drill Book on your iPad/iPhone/iTouch/etc!
Tired of making copies of your Webber Artic Drill Book?  Well, I purchased the CD-ROM and if you have done the same... this will save you SO much time and paper!  This is how to take the PDF from the CD and place it on your iPad!

First you will need to insert the disc into a computer.  Open the disc and go to the "PDF" folder.  In that folder will be the color and the black and white versions of the PDF files.  I chose to put the color version on my iPad.  

Then, I used "DropBox" to move my file.  I did this by creating a dropbox account, uploading the PDF from my computer via the DropBox site, and then using the DropBox app on my iPad.  You can also use iCloud, GoogleDocs, etc.!  You may even be able to e-mail it to yourself, I could not do that.  If you aren't using DropBox, you can skip the next 2 pictures:

Once uploaded to DropBox via the site, open the app on your iPad/iPhone/iTouch and select the JumboArtic File:

On the right side, select the arrow in the box, then choose "Open In... iBooks":

Your book will move to the PDFs section of your iBooks app!  (You will not have to repeat these steps, it's here for good):

Click on the Book on your shelf to open the PDF file:

If you click the "list" icon (next to the Library button on the top left) you will get this great view:

Then, simply touch the page you wish to open, swipe through them like you would the regular book.  You can also pinch to expand/decrease the size of the pictures to make reading it easier!

Now you have your ENTIRE Drill book at your hands!  This method also works for any CD-ROM based material that has a PDF option included!

These two methods have made me a very mobile SLP for RtI!  I can see multiple students in short bursts without toting around a cart or arms full of materials!  The kids love anything on the iPad too so it's a double-bonus!  If you have any suggestions for non-Apple products or other methods for becoming more mobile, I'd LOVE to hear them!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sublime September: A month of FREEBIES!

It's finally September!  This, in many areas of our amazing country, means a break from the heat for the first time in MONTHS!  We have had a record-breaking summer in Kansas City and I'm sure many of you out there have also been experiencing the heat.  

To celebrate this glorious month and reward my amazing "followers", both new and old... I'm hosting a month of giveaways!

I forgot to post this last week so to those of you who did not catch the memo on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest, I will provide last week's giveaway until next Monday HERE.

This week, I am giving away the 124-Page Pocket Game Super Pack on Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is packed full of language, artic, and more!  Hurry over, each giveaway will be good until the following Monday so this one will be free until 11:59pm on 9/17!  ENJOY!

9/18-9/24: Phineas and Verb

I will also be Raffling off copies of ALL my 10 priced items to you!  Now, if you see my storefront, there are currently only 8 priced items, the others are free.  This is because I'm developing 2 new items for September that will be included in this raffle.  So... there will be 10 ITEMS GIVEN AWAY at the end of September!  Enter now, enter often!  Tell your friends and co-workers, share on pinterest, tweet, and share on Facebook!  Check back here each Tuesday for the new giveaway and for introductions to the new items as they are released on TpT!

The contest has ended and I have sent e-mails to the following winners: