Friday, November 30, 2012

New November Materials... and Giveaway!

November has been a whirlwind month!  Though I did not finish my entire November to-do list, I made a dent in it with these new materials:
Arctic Artic: A collection of words, sentences, and games for winterized articulation fun! Includes words, sentences, and playing cards for /r/, /s/, /th/, /sh/, /ch/, and /l/, as well as 2 board games and a bingo template. The playing cards are a full deck of 52 playing cards with articulation words on each card (total of 208 cards!). The penguin theme adds a bit of winter fun to the pack to use even past the holiday season! We have had a blustery blast playing this game!

Reacting Robots: Robots are designed to "react" to directions. This game targets following 2-step directions and/or 1- and 2-step conditional directions, including age-appropriate concepts (first/then, before, after, at the same time), when presented verbally/in written form in a fun robot-themed game! There are 12 cards for each type of direction (total of 96 direction cards) and 12 extra turn and 12 Miss a Turn cards. Students follow the direction they hear or read and collect the robot card. The student with the most robots at the end of play is the winner.  A blank template of the cards is also included for your convenience and creativity!  The kids are loving the robots.  If you loved the Listening Ladybug game, this will be a great addition!

Idiom Farm: This material is designed as an instructional tool and game for the learning of idioms. Included are instructions for each game (matching, go fish, and farm game), a farm scene printout for use during the farm game, 104 pairs of idioms/meaning cards (208 total cards), 8 fence/sunflower cards for farm game, and a blank set of cards for additions or other creative uses.

Perhaps the best part is that you can WIN a copy of these by entering the following Giveaway:

Best of luck to you and head over to the Facebook page for more giveaways and Facebook-only treats!  (We are so close to 1,000 likes... if we make it there by midnight on December 31st, 2012 we will start the year off with some huge freebies!) 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A SubLime Week of Thanks!

I want to take a minute and thank EACH of you that have come across SubLime speech this year.  It has been an amazing year for SLPs and social media and you are such a huge part of that.  As my thanks to you, each day this week one of my TpT items will be on sale.  

Here is what you can look for:

So check out the items, take advantage of the sales and ENJOY your Thanksgiving week!

Then, on Monday and Tuesday... Check out TpT's Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) deal!  Sublime Speech will be participating so you can receive a total of 28% off all materials on the TpT site with the code "CMT12" at checkout!  Click the photo below to be taken to my TpT site!

Check back after break for new materials for year-round therapy!