Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shhhhh.... It's a SECRET WORD!

This SLP likes a challenge... and figuring out this one was just that!

In a quest to find new curricular vocabulary activities for my students, I decided to adapt one of our favorite games "Password" with CCSS-based curricular vocabulary. There are several game variation ideas included in the instructions to meet all instructional and carry-over levels.  I made cards for grades 1-5 Math, Science, Social Studies, and ELA.
A total of 54 game cards (540 terms) - 12 First grade (120 terms); 12 Second grade (120 terms); 13 Third grade (130 terms); 8 Fourth grade (80 terms); and 9 Fifth grade (90 terms).
Scorecard and Template Cards included for expansion/customization.


To play the "classic" game, players form teams or play individually. Players take one card which has ten Secret Words on it and place it in the decoder sleeve (pictured below). A spinner/dice determines which word will be the password for this round. The clue giver can give multi-word clues and use pantomime (although I typically don't allow this to promote expressive language skills). Teams alternate turns until someone guesses the Secret Word. Any player who guesses the Secret Word is awarded the point. 

No worries if you don't own the game/have a decoder.  Red sharpie and plastic/plastic wrap are your friends here.  You can easily fashion a DIY decoder using those materials.  You just need something red to make the red portion "disappear" as seen above.  (Figuring out how to make this work took several attempts... but now that I have it figured out, watch out red decoder windows EVERYWHERE!)

If you want to give it a try... head on over to Facebook for a giveaway.  You can also learn more and pick up this material in my TpT Store.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas SongLibs

We've been caroling in the speech room this week... and the songs have sounded a LITTLE bit different...

We've changed the words around in our own version of Christmas SongLibs.  I have handy lists of words listed by phoneme from the SuperDuper Artic Tickle Stories but you can use any other artic list you have around.  Simply fill in the blanks with the appropriate word (word-level practice), read through when finished (phrase/sentence level practice), and then sing the song when finished (sentence level practice).

You can also target grade-level vocabulary by providing a list of vocabulary to use in filling in blanks.  It can also be used to familiarize students to what different parts of speech of (verb, noun, adjective, etc.)

The kids find these HILARIOUS.  The video above was done after 4 tries ended in the giggles.  Isn't my singing volunteer awesome?!?  He even holds out the last note for an added drama!

Grab this 3-song freebie at my TpT store... make sure to "follow" me on TpT while you're there!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Dollar Days

It's beginning to look a lot like...

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Great Uses for Already-Used Containers

Brace yourself for a mind-blowing post about... containers!  We all know that our therapy materials take a lot of abuse throughout the years and containers are broken, torn, and lost.  We also are a creative bunch and make many of our own materials.  So I wanted to share a few of the containers that I use to organize my room:

Almond Containers like these are great for storing tiny pieces of anything.  They also have a flip-top lid so you can easily poor and re-store all of the bits inside.  I use them to contain things like SuperDuper chips as seen in the photo.  (Cost: Almonds you healthy people already eat!)

Jewelry hangers like this one that I posted about last school year are great for storing decks of cards.  You can find them at Target and other stores and it can store up to 48 decks... (Cost: $7.00 at Target)
 It is a GREAT way to store those awesome decks from TpT SLPs as well:

Crystal Light plastic containers with lids (the ones that contain the big powder packets) are great for storing both large and small popsicle sticks.  You can place a label on the inside of the container for quick identification of the sticks inside. (Cost: Drinking Crystal Light, or finding somebody that does)

Pringles aren't just for snacking anymore.  Clean out and use the containers to hold stacking cups for sight words/vocab/artic words.  See this post for more on how to create the Artic Towers pictured here. (Cost: Eating Pringles... I get them from a teacher at my building that eats them!)

If you work with PECS symbols, you know how they can end up stuck to everything in your room but you can't manage to find one quickly if you need to for a lesson, etc.  I organize my extra PECS in "Really Useful Box"es.  These are the small ones I found at an office supply store.  The lids lock on and the boxes stack easily. (Cost: About $1 each for the small... they have several sizes).

Here are some other container ideas from Pinterest, etc.:
Coffee Containers: Use spray paint and a pretty polka dot label- great storage idea for little items.

Use juice or sports drink bottles to create "Search"/"Find It" bottles.  Good for language (as seen here) as well as artic!

Toy Containers: After your little one snags the keychain or awful tattoo, snag the container.  This is from the toy dispenser machine you seen in stores.  (Cost: 25-50 cents)

Coffee Can: Cover with paper/label.  Can be used for storing a game as seen here on the blog or for storing other small pieces/toys in your room.

Frosting Cans: Use to organize borders!  They are also great for holding other small trinkets!

What else do you Re-cycle as storage in your therapy room and/or home?  Share your comment below!