Friday, February 15, 2013

Swap-N-Blog: Live Love Speech's Articulation and Attributes Superheros

TGIF!  The long weekend is finally here!  It's been a super-long week of conferences and WILD sugared-up children.  Having great go-to activities during those weeks is always a must!

Speaking of "Super" ... I have had the great opportunity to try out Live Love Speech's Articulation and Attributes Superheros for /th/ and /s/ this week (she also offers a /r/ set that I do not have yet).  
It has quickly become the favorite activity of my lower elementary students.

In this game, students draw an articulation card from a pile (48-96 cards included in the sets) as well as a shield card that has a number on it.  They then name the specified number of attributes for their artic word according to the number on the card they chose.  You can also choose to include the "wild" cards which include extra turns and lost cards. You can challenge students by having them formulate sentences using the targeted word and at least one of the attributes they named.

I found this activity to be excellent for my younger elementary students.  We busted it out with some of my 2nd grade /th/ and /s/ students.  The first time we used it, we stayed specific to one sound.  The second time... we got all sorts of crazy and MIXED the decks.  Now, if you have any kids that have difficulties with BOTH /s/ and /th/ you know that carry-over is very hard for them because they get the two sounds confused after therapy.  So, mixing the two decks provides amazing carry-over practice.  

Here are some shots of my speech room during /th/ deck day:
We loved having the handy "Attributes" cards to remind us of what attributes we could list.

 Listing attributes is great language therapy, even for speech-only students!

Adorable graphics and a plethora of expansions and challenges possible.

Some great pros to this activity are:
* Easy to use activities with optional expansions.
*Familiar target words.
*Perfect for carry-over because students will use the target word multiple times while describing attributes.
*Allows language therapy during articulation therapy for students qualifying for both services... or for students that did not qualify for language but may need some additional language support.
* Wild cards add a competitive aspect to the game that we loved.
*Adorable and exciting clip art.

Some other activities that are possible with this deck:
Go Fish or Matching - Trying to match the clipart characters in a game of go fish or a matching game.
ANY board game with spinner or dice - Take a card and roll the dice/spin the spinner for your turn.  State that number of attributes from the spin/die and continue play.

The only thing I'd love to have with this would be wild cards that match the size of the shield # cards so they can be mixed into the deck or spread out on the table for game play.  However the included wild cards can be cut down to this size if you'd like to have that option.

My kids all LOVED this activity and request it specifically   I found that all students enjoyed it but that my K-2nd graders were the most impressed by it!  One student even said, "Superheros make everything more super-er".  Now, if that isn't a positive review, I don't know what is!

This product is one of many products by one of my absolute favorite SLP bloggin' buddies, Kristine.  Kristine is an elementary school-based SLP.  This material can be found on her TpT store.  
Also, check out her Facebook page and blog!

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