Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"I Dare You Articulation" App Review and Giveaway

I dare you to find an app that provides opportunities for carry-over of articulation skills that is more engaging than the newest app from Erik X. Raj, "I Dare You Articulation".

This app is a collection of 600 (no typo there!) kid-friendly dares designed for speech-language pathologists to use with children exhibiting difficulty with s, z, r, l, s/r/l blends, sh, ch, and th.  And the big bonus is... IT IS NOT BORING!  This app is now my go-to for getting out of that same ol', same ol' articulation therapy rut.  

It's a fairly simple app.  When you open the app you see this screen:

Simply choose the sound you will be working on.  You are then taken to this screen:
 Simply choose the position of the sound that you will be targeting. And off you go!

The dares come up automatically and you can skip them by pressing "next".  There is not an in-app scoring system so you will need to keep separate data.  There is a button to "hear the dare" read by Erik or to go home to the main screen.  The dares are hilarious and really spice up therapy.

Now... here's the best part!  This app can be used in so many ways.  Here are a few things we have done with this app during the school year:
~Get out of your room and dare other staff members.  We take the iPad and walk around our school looking for staff members that may be on their plan time, lunch duty, or just not busy.  (We don't interrupt classes though).  The easiest place to spot available staff is in the office.  We've dared our principals, secretaries, nurses, specials teachers, counselors, classroom teachers, custodians, and special ed teachers.  The students walk up to the person they will dare and ask "May I practice my sounds by daring you to do something?"  They always say yes and the student reads the dare.  Then, the best part is watching the staff member act out a silly dare.  They LOVE it too.  My staff thinks it's hilarious and enjoys the relief that it gives their day!

-Dare friends.  We dare other students at recess or who come in after our session is wrapping up.  Same rules apply to the above suggestion.

-Mix it up.  Several of my language students also have sounds that they are attempting to master.  This app lets me work on multiple goals at the same time.  If the person listening to the dare has to follow the directions given, I see if they can.  Or if they need to work on sentence repetition or re-tell, they can do that with this app too.  Oftentimes there are unknown vocabulary words used.  I can assess their knowledge by if they act out the dare correctly.

-My students have asked their parents to download this app for practice at home.  Anything that they love so much in therapy that they ask for it at home is okay by me!

So, overall, this is one of my favorite artic apps!  I even like it better than Erik's first app (which is incredible), "Multiple Choice Articulation", simply because it gets them up and moving.  I love moving in therapy and the kids do too.  I would still love to be able to combine a few of the sounds together, or work on all positions at once.  But really, that's just a minor bit to this amazingly hilarious and fun app!

And, as always, the amazing Erik X. Raj and I are teaming up for a giveaway.  Enter below for your chance to win the "I Dare You Articulation" app as well as any articulation product from my TpT Store!


  1. I would love to use this with my kids in my private practice!


  2. This sounds like a fun app with lots of diversity!

  3. I would totally take my speech kids in the office and get them to dare our principal and office staff

  4. I would love to have this app to keep things interesting for my artic kids, especially the older ones.

  5. I would use this app for my older artic students to keep things fun and interesting.

  6. This app would dare my clients to use their good speech while trying a new activity in our weekly sessions!

  7. I would use this app with some of my older artic kiddos to spice things up in therapy :)

  8. I'd love to have this to use with my students. It looks like such fun!

  9. I would dare my students to use their best speech while smiling...because they're having fun. Looks like something that would catch the interest of my older students. Looks good for conversation skills, question skills, too.

  10. I would use this with my middle school speechies, and at speech camp in a couple of weeks!

  11. I have a very unmotivated older student. I am hoping this will spark some conversation!

  12. I love apps that get kids moving, especially "my" little boys. I'm sure they would absolutely love being able to move around while practicing speech sounds!