Friday, March 28, 2014

Appy Friday ~ Secret Mission Articulation from Erik X. Raj

Psssssst... this just in: Evil robots are invading your articulation sessions and they must be stopped!

You know that good ol' standby, "hangman"?  It's a great game but a totally worn out format.  Erik X. Raj has re-vamped this classic to appeal to our articulation clients of now in his new app, "Secret Mission Articulation".  Here's more about this newbie app...

 This fun and animated screen welcomes you to this app.  There are commonly misarticulated sounds ready for you in every position and blends!  This app is a collection of 600 (no typo!) sound-specific words for articulation practice.  And the huge bonus is... it is totally MOTIVATING (gasp)!  This app has quickly become a favorite of my elementary artic students.

 Simply choose a sound and then a position (or mixed which is awesome for carryover or multiple clients!)

Students are then shown this secret mission screen.  You can choose to hear the hilarious Erik Raj tell you about your mission by choosing "Hear your secret mission" at the top of the screen.  Or, you can be boring and just begin guessing letters.  For added fun, and practice, we say an articulation word before guessing and they are only allowed to guess a letter that is in the word they just said.  Otherwise, you can just play the plain ol' method which is much like hangman.

As you guess, your letters are turned yellow and correct letters are added to the word strip below.

 When you have finished the word, click "enter" to solve the secret mission.

After each completed mission, you will see this animated screen.  You can practice the word here.  We use it in sentences or phrases depending on the level of the client.  You can hear the word said to you or select to try another mission.  You can also access the home screen from here.

So, overall, this is one of my favorite artic apps for 2nd grade and above (or your smarty pants 1st graders)!  Let's be honest, I totally love Erik's other apps (I Dare You Articulation, Multiple Choice Articulation, and Listen Close Articulation) because they spice up Articulation therapy for my students and they look forward to the apps after a week of drill!  They are excellent for RtI work, quick and easy to use, and affordable for families for at-home practice!   Here is a quick run-down of Pros/Improvements:

  • Totally motivating.
  • Great for younger students as well as hard-to-motivate older students.
  • Inexpensive - $4.99!
  • Colorful.
  • 600 sound-specific words.
  • "Mixed" words option is great.
  • Perfect for use/extra practice at home.
  • A built-in data collection method would be sweet.

For more information about the app, watch the sweet video.

And, as always, the amazing Erik X. Raj and I are teaming up for a giveaway.  Enter below for your chance to win a copy of the "Secret Mission Articulation" app AND a $25 iTunes Gift Card AND any articulation material from my TpT Store (excluding bundles)!  Can you say TOTALLY TUBULAR?!?


  1. I've got plenty of elementary and middle school students working on these sounds that would really appreciate a new fun way to work on these sounds.

  2. This looks like so much fun! My artic students would love this app!!

  3. How fun is this app! I know my students would love it! I have a lot of /s/ and /r/ students right now and they are the target age group for sure.

  4. This is really fun for those older artic students who are bored with all my games and ideas.

  5. Would be great for my 3rd-5th grade students.

  6. I would use this with my 2nd-5th grade students in their speech therapy sessions.

  7. Wow this sounds incredible! I love that its an app! My kids get tired of the articulation flash cards and the articulation apps that are basically flash cards on the ipad. I know this would liven up the speech therapy room!

  8. This looks awesome. Just yesterday one of my kiddos (you know the kind, always "bored" and always unhappy no matter what fun things you try???) was complaining about the artic game we were playing! Perhaps I can win him over with something like this?

  9. I would use it with my artic kids that seem to be motivated by anything technological

  10. Judy Hale--
    I love Erik's stuff--so fun and well thought out! Would use with articulation, of course. Also see some application for fluency kids; and for those older kids who have been in therapy for a while and need something new. I think so many kids would enjoy this. I even learned to 'tweet' so I could get more entries to win! (and I'm old)

  11. My students already enjoy Erik's Listen Close and I Dare You apps. I know they would like this one as well. Need to keep things fresh for students, and myself!