Sublime Speech Disclaimer Page:
The purpose of this blog is to provide information and resources for Speech-Language Pathologists and parents.  It is a personal blog and all opinions expressed in original blog posts represent my opinions, not those of my employer(s), current, former, or future.  They also do not represent the opinions of any educational institutions that I have attended or may attend in the future.

All information, materials, applications, individuals, websites, etc. that may be mentioned within blog posts are mentioned as possible tools for use in increasing speech, language, and other skills necessary for success of students.  These tools and information written within this blog is meant to be used within therapy services and not in place of those services, provided by certified Speech-Language Pathologists.  All parents/caregivers, teachers, and other individuals who are concerned about the skills of a child are encouraged to seek an evaluation by an ASHA-certified SLP.  These individuals can be found here.  All information contained within this blog should be used after consideration of application to therapy for an individual child.

All original materials from Sublime Speech contained within this blog or in other locations is the property of Danielle Reed.  If posting about these materials on blogs or other social media (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) please credit Sublime Speech and link the post to this blog.  The content, activity/game procedures, themes, and overall material idea should not be copied or used as reference in creating other materials, free or paid.

Other Information:
As this is a personal blog, all information is written by me - with the exception of approved guest blogger posts.  No sponsorships, paid posts, or advertisements will be included/accepted for this blog.  Products, apps, travel compensation, etc. may be provided but will not influence the outcome of reviews, content, and information included in blog posts.

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